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“Don’t dawdle, Alex. My Keepers and I will be searching for that body. If we find it, you’ll know.” Sheriff Agni put a fist over his chest and splayed out his fingers. “Boom.”

A year after a nasty breakup and a big move, Alex Fossor feels like he’s finally getting his life together. Then he gets framed for murder and the Rimbault Society—mages who secretly run the world—drag him before North America’s Archmage. The only thing that stalls Alex’s execution is the same evidence that could damn him, when the victim’s body walks out of the morgue and disappears.

Reviled for his death magic, Alex knows he’ll have to prove his own innocence. But the mundane, the magical, the living and the dead are on his case. A beautiful stranger knows who the real culprit could be, but can Alex trust her to have his back? With time running out, Alex discovers a sinister plot to use arcane drugs to harvest the city’s addicts. He’ll have to embrace everything that makes him a monster in the eyes of the law, before a hex on his heart burns him to ash.

Alex Fossor, Necromancer

Alex Fossor knows the stigma attached to necromancers, and he’s tried to live beneath the notice of others. He might butcher the occasional corpse to feed a sanctuary of ghoulish undead under the city, but he doesn’t pursue mad schemes of raising dead armies and plaguing the world with his power.

But despite his best efforts, Alex draws the attention of the Rimbault Society, a centuries-old sect of mages that secretly rule a world unaware of their presence. Self-assured of their superiority, the Society holds necromancers in contempt for their frequent breaches of the Edicts; laws the Society enforces to allow mundane humanity to live free of magical abuse.

Alex must walk the line between the Society’s draconian laws and his own sense of justice, while navigating the surreal realms of magic he never imagined possible. Tempted by power and pulled into conflicts that require the full use of his powers, Alex faces conspiracies and threats that test him and the Society as a whole. Ancient conflicts between immortal powers are shifting the world towards catastrophe. Can a necromancer serve the greater good? Will his power lead him down the dark path that has claimed so many of his ilk? Will saving the world mean becoming the monster?

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